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Tracey Leak

Franchise Profitability & Support
Tracey Leak
15 Years
+61 407 564 119 

Speeches by Tracy

[Concurrent Workshop 1]
11.00 am - 11.30 pm
Theme: Effectively recruiting and retaining staff in today’s market
[Concurrent Workshop 2]
11.35 am - 12.05 pm
Theme: Developing empowered, high performance cultures
[Concurrent Workshop 3]
12.10 pm - 12.40 pm
Theme: Identifying and developing your next generation of managers

For a business owner, profit is not just a number on a sheet of paper – it’s your mortgage, your kids school fees, food on your table. The stress and pressure to succeed can be all consuming.

It’s little wonder that 85% of businesses fail before their second birthday.

I’ve been speaking on business and coaching business owners and franchisees for 15+ years. With a unique perspective on helping business owners, I know it is practical, down to earth, common sense strategies that work. Nothing can beat looking into the eyes of a business owner and helping them find a way to succeed in business and life plus giving them the confidence that they have what it takes to make their business work.

I specialise in the area of Franchisee support and helping Franchisees to be more profitable. For Franchise Field Managers and Business Coaches or the greater Franchisee Support team, I have a course – – to help you learn how to coach a Franchisee to success!