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Emma Glazebrook

Managing Director - MBCM Strata Specialists
18 years

4:05pm to 4:50pm
Theme: Afternoon session

After much travel, Emma started in property over 18 years ago graduating from Property Management via Leasehold

Management to Strata Management. Through amazing mentors, a bit of luck and a lot of hard work her career has

culminated in the acquisition of three MBCM franchises and one ASM franchise.

Emma has completed her Certificate IV in Strata and Real Estate, a Diploma of Property (Agency Management), short courses in leadership and strategic management and is a regular at Strata Community Australia events. Emma has now shifted her focus to giving back by mentoring other women in business and taking on board positions to assist other businesses in realising their potential.

Emma shares two daughters with her wife and business partner Amelia. She is an avid DIYer, vocal supporter of the Western Bulldogs and sponsors the local girl’s/women’s AFL leagues in Northern Victoria.